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About GPSC Online Application

GPSC Online is an online education institute based in Gandhinagar. GPSC Online Application provides grounded education to students preparing for competitive exams at negligible cost. GPSC Online Application was launched in 2018 by Vikas Bharat Sir.

We ‘GPSC ONLINE’ is an online coaching platform for all the students who are preparing for any competitive exams like GPSC, UPSC, Dy.SO, Clerk, PSI, ASI, Constable, Etc.

When the GPSC Online Application was launched in 2018, this application could be used for a lifetime once purchased. And could watch unlimited times video. And the price of GPSC Online Application was kept at Rs. 1500.

Features of GPSC Online Application:

Pros :

  • Lifetime subscription after 1 purchase
  • High quality video
  • More than 1 teacher of one subject
  • If there is any query in the culture, there is a comment box just below the video. In which the student writes his own query, the teacher solves the query.
  • The video can also be viewed online or downloaded offline.
  • Video quality can be set. (480p, 720p, 1080p)
  • The application covers video, material, online test and daily test.
  • Video speed can be adjusted in the video to revise the video during exam time.

Cons : 

  • Screenshots or video cannot be recorded in the application. 
  • The Section Wise Test section contains 500+ test PDFs and solution PDFs. There is no sort option so if you want to download the PDF of the previous test, you have to scroll link.
  • After activating the application in 1 phone, it cannot be activated in another phone. 

GPSC Online APP Screen Shots :

GPSC Online Subscription Package / Plan :

  • Police Sub Inspector (PSI) 35 Subject – Rs. 4500/- (1 Year)
  • Bin Sachivalay, ATDO 34 Subject – Rs. 4500/- (1 Year)
  • Constable 33 Subject – Rs. 4000/- (1 Year)
  • Dhyey  GPSC  12 Subject – Rs. 5000/- (1 Year)
  • GPSC Class 1/2/3 Foundation 26 Subject – Rs. 3650/- (1 Year)
  • GSSB $ All Other Class 3 Exam 31 Subject – Rs. 3750/- (1 Year)
  • Civil Engineering (GS) Subject 29 – Rs. 4200/- (1 Year)
  • Environment (RFO) Subject 13 – Rs. 700/- (1 Year)
  • English Grammar+Vocab Saunak Patel Sir – Rs. 800 (1 Year)
  •  Maths & Reasoning Hamir Rathod Sir – Rs. 800 (1 Year)
  • NCERT & GCERT (Indian History) – Rs. 700/- (1 Year)
  • PSI Law (Indian Penel Code – 1860, Criminal Procedure Code -1973, Indian Evidence Act – 1872, Gujarat Police Adhiniyam -1951, Gujarat  Nashabandhi adhiniyam -1949, brastachar nivaran adhiniyam – 1988, anusuchit jati ane janjati adhiniyam – 1989, Motor Vehicle Act-1988 ) – Rs. 700/- (1 Year)

I have used this application myself. And I like it very much. I would recommend this app to all students who are preparing for the competitive exam.

Can give daily test in the application. Based on the analysis of which you can work hard in the subject matter. And can self-evaluate.


Q – 1    How to purchase the application?

Ans. (1) Online – Click on Buy Premium in the application via Paytm (2) Offline – via Redeem Code

Q – 2    How to get Redeem Code?

Ans. This code can be obtained from our helpline number or from the office.

Q – 3     How long is Premium Subscription?

Ans. Lifetime will be able to use this application if you use the same phone.

Q – 4     If we format the phone or login to another phone, will the application continue?

Ans. No

Q – 5     What to do if you want to format the phone or change the phone?

Ans. If you want to format the phone or change the phone then you have to contact us first. On our helpline number you need to register with your name and number to format the phone or change the phone.

Q – 6     How many times can I format the phone?

Ans. Can be formatted a maximum of 2 times in a year. If formatted for the third time then the application has to be purchased again.

Q – 7    How often can I change the phone?

Ans. Change the phone a maximum of 2 times until your application is running. If you change the phone for the third time, you will have to buy the app again.

Q – 8     What features are available in the application?

Ans. (i) Video Lectures of all subjects required for Class-1/2 and Class-3 Competitive Examinations (ii) Reading Material (iii) Daily Test (as per next examination)

Q – 9     Is the full course available in the application?

Ans. Yes

Q – 10     What to do if Blank Page shows up when making online payment?

Ans. Go to Google Play Store and download or update an application called Google Chrome & Android System Web View.

Q – 11     Can this application be used in laptop or computer?

Ans. No

Download GPSC Online Application / APK / MOD APK


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